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The Ascent Realty Group owners combined have over 100 years of Real Estate experience. We've been helping brokers close transactions and reduce overhead since 2000. We've now expanded to helping Real Estate agents through our professional Real Estate referral company, Ascent Realty Group, LLC. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and providing brokers with the tools to be successful at an affordable annual fee. We also are proud to pay the largest referral fee up to 35% to our loyal brokers. Park your license with us today.

Ascent Realty Group Testimonials

Here's some of the things brokers have said about us throughout the years:

"The level of technical support, software, idea sharing, and staffing is so far ahead of what I ever expected out of a Real Estate office." ~JT, Denver

"I can't tell you how much I love your entire operation and extreme staff professionalism." ~J.V., Littleton, CO

"Everyone on the team have been great to work with." ~C.C., Colorado Springs, CO

"It's been a pleasure working with people of who have integrity, patient and are so much fun. I know I can always count on you." ~H.S., Arizona

"I don't know what I'd do without you and your staff. What a fantastic organization." ~C.H., Parker, CO

“Easy, breezy.  I am a AZ broker and love the low hassle and cost of just parking. I mostly do referrals so I may come back as full time and just change status! ~Carol M., AZ

“LOL, no problem giving a testimonial.  Send name of client in, call Client, talk with designated broker, get paid” ~J.O., Denver, CO.

“Awesome people, great organization. And easy to get business done. The free CE is also very helpful.” ~Z.Z., CO

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