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Stay Active.
Stay Profitable.

Keep Your License Active, Save Thousands of Dollars Annually, Work Your Database & Referrals, and Earn Commission Income.

You worked hard to get your Real Estate license. You have years of contacts and business that falls in your lap, so why go Inactive or let your license Expire?

Ascent Realty Group, LLC is a professional referral real estate brokerage and license parking firm designed for offering a very cost-effective Real Estate company for keeping your license active. There are no Errors and Omissions insurance costs, no Board of REALTOR® fees, no monthly office fees, no MLS fees, no contract fees, and no hidden fees. Right now these fees add up to thousands annually. We provide world class service, transaction management systems and communication to you and to all the clients you refer through Ascent Realty Group, LLC.

Out staffing and referral brokers have over 100+ years in the trenches of real estate and is well versed in working every part of the real estate environment. We have had over 4,000 transactions and will make sure that your referrals close and you get paid.

  • Residential Buyer Transactions

  • Commercial Buyer Transactions

  • Traditional Real Estate Listing Transactions

  • Estate and Probate Transactions

  • Short Sale Listing Transactions

  • Buyer or Seller Bank REO Transactions

  • Debt Negotiation and IRS Lien Transactions

  • Pre-Foreclosure Sales

  • Forbearance Transactions

  • Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Transactions

Fill out our online contact form and we'll follow up by sending you an e-mail containing any documents you need to reactivate or transfer your license to Ascent Realty Group, LLC including:

  • Colorado Application for Change of Status Form

  • Our Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Office Policy Manual

  • Federal and State Tax Forms

  • Systems Manual

Once your license has been transferred to Ascent Realty Group, LLC, you're officially an agent. You'll have the ability to earn a full 35% commission on all of your referrals.

How the Ascent Realty Group Works and the Advantages of Joining


Ascent Realty Group was designed to be a very low cost, high return professional Real Estate referral and license parking company. We realize that in today's economic environment it is harder than ever to be able to afford all the associated fees and costs just to keep your Real Estate license active. Therefore, we've created a company that will allow you to keep your Real Estate license active without incurring all the traditional fees. The only fee you have to worry about is an annual $165. At the same time you'll have the opportunity to refer your business to other Real Estate professionals and earn up to 35% commission.

Because we are a professional referral company, you won't be able to write your Real Estate transactions, but you'll be paid the highest referral commission in Colorado. Don't let all the hard work you've put in building a client database go to waste. Join Ascent Realty Group and start earning those referral fees. We have systems in place to help you continue to maintain your client database and generate your referrals. We have seasoned agents and qualified staff ready to work your referrals for you, or you can designate an agent of your choice to work them.

How do we keep the costs low? With Ascent Realty group you don't have to pay any REALTOR® fees, Transaction fees, MLS fees, office fees, E&O insurance or any other fees associated with being a broker. The only possible fee would be Continuing Education and DORA license fees. You are working with our staff and brokers. You pay one small annual fee, which includes your E&O insurance - you pay nothing more!

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Ascent Realty Group Real Estate Brokers


Why continue to pay large premiums or per transaction fees for your errors and omissions insurance? One of the big advantages of being an Ascent Realty Group Real Estate Broker is that your E and O insurance is included in your one-time annual fee.

You can be part of our policy instead of carrying your own policy. That's why agents choose to be part of our office instead of retiring or in-activating their license. For our small annual fee keep your license active and if you refer any type of Real Estate transactions you earn a 35% referral fee when they close—the highest referral paid from a Colorado Real Estate Referral Company. No REALTOR® dues, no MLS dues, no other office dues required. The only other responsibility you have is to keep your Continuing Education current and your license active.

Have other questions? Check out our FAQs.

Ready to join? Contact Us Now!

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