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Start Earning Referrals

Retain 35% to 50% of all commissions you refer through Ascent Realty Group.

Work Your Database

Use our email programs and newsletters to keep in touch with your clients. Tap into all your relationships and start earning extra income. 

We Work Your Database

Team up with one of our agents and we'll work your database and pay you the referral fee. We have seasoned agents ready to keep in contact with your clients and turn them into referral income for you.

Park Your License at a Low Cost

Are you an assistant or taking an extended break from Real Estate? Don't let your license go. Save on E&O Fees, Realtor Fees, MLS Fees, Transaction Fees, and Office Fees.

Save Costs while you Build Your Business

Start cultivating relationships and building your database.Learn the buisness and get your company developed before taking on all the fees.

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