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Frequently Asked Questions

Ascent Realty Group, LLC is a professional Real Estate referral and license parking company designed to allow you to keep your license active without excessive fees, while you have the opportunity to collect a 35% referral fee - the largest referral fee paid by a referral company in Colorado.


How do I join Ascent Realty Group, LLC?

Fill out the form on our Contact page and we'll be in touch with the information that you provide. Check out our Join page to see what paperwork you might need in order to join the group.


Can I still join if my license is inactive or expired?

Inactive and expired listings can be reactivated as part of the registration process with Ascent Realty Group, LLC. If your license has been expired for over 3 years, you'll have to go through the entire licensing process with the state, but after that you can still join Ascent Realty Group, LLC and enjoy our low costs and large referral fees.


What are the advantages of joining Ascent Realty Group, LLC?

The number one advantage is the 35% commission you receive on every referral transaction that is closed. The next biggest advantage is the overall savings. With Ascent Realty Group, LLC you don't have to pay office fees or transaction fees, MLS fees, Board of REALTOR® fees or costly E&O insurance premiums. For a small once a year cost of  $165.00  (which includes your E&O Insurance) you can keep your license active and gain up to 35% referral fee every time one of your referred clients closes a transaction. No other splits or transaction fees are deducted. (Out of network referrals have a surcharge cost of $350.00)


How much will I net?

The sky's the limit. It's not so much about how much you'll earn as it is how much of what you earn is yours to keep. For instance, on your transaction, let's say you earn 35% of a 3.0% commission on a $500,000 contract price home - that's $5,250. Other companies charge you a transaction fee that you pay on every transaction - netting you less for every transaction. With Ascent Realty Group, LLC the only cost to you is our small $165.00 annual fee - PERIOD! Any out of network referrals will cost $350,00 handling and processing fee.


Is it easy to refer clients?

Yes. Simply fill out the referral form – we will contact you for further details about the transaction and we’ll take care of the rest.


Can I designate which agent I want to refer my business to?

Yes, when filling out the referral form, enter the agent you'd like to refer your client to. Or, you  can use one of our hundreds of “in network” brokers throughout the state.


What does it cost to transfer my license?

The Colorado Real Estate Commission charges $25 to transfer your license For further details on the status and cost of working with the Colorado Real Estate Commission go here:

Click here for CRE Application Online Forms and Current Fees

Click here for CRE Broker License Application Requirements


What does it cost to reactivate my license?

  • Agents whose license is currently Active $25.00

  • Agents whose license is currently In-Active under 32 days $25.00

  • Agents whose license has been expired for over 32 days but no longer than one year. $579.00

  • Agents whose license has been inactive (expired) for over one year but no longer than three years $771.00

  • If your license has been expired for 3 years or more then you'll need to complete the entire licensing process again. This includes national and state testing. Fingerprints and new application.


How long does it take to transfer my license?

Your online application will become effective within 1-15 days after the Colorado Real Estate Commission receives your application and fees.


Will I have to join a Board of REALTORS® and pay REALTOR® fees?

You are not required to join a Board of REALTORS® or pay any REALTOR® fees - saving you hundreds of dollars a year.


Do I have to keep my Multiple Listing Service membership active?

You will not be a member of any MLS system - saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Our Broker members have access to all fourteen Colorado MLS Systems.


What are the monthly office fees and transaction fees?

With Ascent Realty Group, LLC there are no monthly office fees or transaction fees. In network Brokers who accept your referrals have access to our transaction management system and will pay for all transaction and escrow services.

Can I work with Buyers and list homes? 

No. Ascent Realty Group is a referral only real estate firm. You refer the Buyers and Listings to our "in network Brokers" or a broker of your choice. They list and sell the properties, you sit back and receive the referral fees.

What is an” In Network Broker”?

In network brokers and brokers that are vetted for their professionalism and experience.  They must also be certified in using CTM contract software as well as the Ascent Transaction management and company CRM system platform. This assures quality of service for your clients and a higher probability of getting to the closing table.


Do I get to speak with the “in network Broker” prior to assigning them to my client?

Absolutely! We would hope that we all want the best experience for your client…which is sometimes a family member or close associate.


Should I renew or obtain my Errors and Omissions Insurance?

No need to renew your Errors and Omissions Insurance. Your $165.00 annual fee to Ascent Realty Group, LLC covers your E&O Insurance - you'll be part of the company's policy.


Do I need Continuing Education?

Yes. We can’t do everything! In order to keep your Real Estate license active and receive referral fees or commissions, the Colorado Real Estate Commission requires you to stay ACTIVE and current with your continuing education.

Broker Continuing Education Information


Will my license remain active?

Yes. In order to receive commissions your license must be active. Joining Ascent Realty Group, LLC is a great way for you to keep your license active without incurring a great deal of costs and hassle.


Will I get a 1099?

Yes. You will receive a 1099 for all referrals paid to you. You will need to provide a signed W-9 as part of your broker onboarding package.

Why do agents Park their license with Ascent Realty Group?

Assistants, brokers getting ready to retire, brokers just getting started, and brokers winding down park their license with Ascent Realty Group to cut out fees and maximize their earnings. If you are not actively selling real estate full-time, parking your license might be a good alternative. Avoid accumulating fee after fee in Realtor dues, MLS fees, E&O insurance payments, transaction fees, and office fees while you focus on other things and use your license to earn referrals instead.

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