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Free Yourself of Fees

It's simple:

NO E&O Fees - NO Realtor Fees - NO MLS Fees

NO Office Fees - NO Francise Fees - NO Tech Fees

NO Transaction Fees - No Hidden Fees

Save Thousands in Fees

The cost to keep your license active is so high, no wonder some agents contemplate letting it go. But why give up hard earned referrals when there is a simple solution like Ascent Realty Group. Park your license with us and you can avoid all those costly fees without letting go of the income stream. 

Our low-cost structure:

  • $165 annual fee

  • $350 processing fee for each referral earned

  • Continuining Education Costs

Capture Referrals

The Ascent Realty Group owners combined have over 100 years of Real Estate experience. We've helped brokers close transactions and reduce overhead since 2000. We're helping Real Estate agents through our professional Real Estate referral company, Ascent Realty Group, LLC. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and the tools to be successful at an affordable annual fee. We are proud to pay the largest referral fee up to 35% to our loyal brokers. Park your license with us today.

What Our Agents Say

J.V., Littleton , CO

"I can't tell you how much I love your entire operation and extreme staff professionalism." ~J.V., Littleton, CO
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