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Ascent Realty Group is the perfect solution to allow you to benefit from your years of hard work and hard earned referrals without incurring the excessive fees of keeping your license active. Of course we have other benefits too!


Cut Out Fees

NO FEES: Cut out the E&O, Realtor, MLS, Francise, Tech, Transaction, Office, and Hidden expenses. Pay an annual $165 fee. Keep your Continuing Education up to speed, and pay a $350 processing fee per referral. No other fees.


Earn Referrals

Work with the agent you want to and earn whatever referral fee you negotiate. We don't take a split. The $350 processing fee is your only fee for each referral.

Or, use one of our agents and earn a premium referral while providing your client with our exceptional service. Our agents will even work your database for you if you choose and help you generate even more referrals than you ever imagined.


Avoid Hours of Work

Each transaction involves hundreds of hours of work. Skip it. Let ther referral agent put in the hours while you kick back and collect your referral.


Premium Referral Fee

We are proud to pay the largest referral fee up to 35% to our loyal brokers. Park your license with us today.

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