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Exclusive Services

Clients you refer through Ascent Realty Group will experience our top-notch service, unbeatable transaction management team, extensive text and email communications, as well as our years of real estate experience. You won't hesitate to refer your clients to us.


World Class Service

We have a combined total of over 100 years of experience that empowers us to provide the best service to all your referrals. At Ascent Realty Group you are free to chose any referral agent, but if you use our agents you earn a higher referral and offer your clients the best service.


Transaction Management that Can't be Beat

If you haven't experienced our teams transaction management system, you don't know what transaction management truly is. Other TM teams check off boxes, push emails, and send some reminders your way. Our TM team is there to assist your clients in every aspect of the transaction. From the creation of listing documents and contracts, to obtaining all the information and data needed for a successful transaction, they are always involved and excited to help.


Extensive Text and Email Communication Platform

Your clients will be blown away by the communication system we have in place. We don't just email your clients, we have a texting platform for clients as well. Our TM team will even text you to remind you about deadlines. Our texting platform has increased our efficiency and ability to keep everyone in the loop.


Excellent Referral Fee

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and providing brokers with the tools to be successful at an affordable annual fee. We also are proud to pay the largest referral fee up to 35% to our loyal brokers. Park your license with us today.

Let's Work Together

Cut out the necessary fees, refer your clients to agents that provide amazing service, and earn quality referrals without hours of work on your end. Join Ascent Realty Group today!

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