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We work your referral business - you collect the referral fee!


Low Cost Solution

No E&O Fees, No Realtor Fees, No MLS Fees, No Transaction Fees, No Office Fees

Perfect Solution for:

Retirees, Assistants, New Licensees, Agents Winding Down

Low Cost, High-Caliber Home for your License:

Retain 35% to 50% of all commission you refer through Ascent Realty Group. Park your license with us today!


Profit off your client database. Use our email programs and newsletters to keep in touch with your clients. Or have us work your databse for you.


Retain your license at a low cost.

Brokers Getting Started

Defer costs as you build your business! Why incur so many costs before the income starts coming in. This low-cost solution allows you to focus on building our database and learning the business.

Brokers Winding Down

Cut costs while you transition to the next phase.

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