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Gen Z Moving Out West

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash.
Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash.

As members of Generation Z, individuals under 30 are gradually planning for future homeownership, albeit with distinctive migration patterns challenging traditional notions. Notably, many Gen Zers are relocating to regions typically overlooked by older generations, such as California, contradicting the assumption that high housing costs prompt moves from pricey locales to more affordable ones.

Planning On Moving Out West

Regions like Washington, Texas, Colorado, and Virginia are witnessing a surge in educated Gen Z migrants, often equipped with four-year college degrees and attracted by employment prospects and overall quality of life beyond the workplace. Despite prevailing property prices, most newcomers intend to rent initially, prioritizing flexibility over immediate homeownership.

While under-30s prioritize debt management, given the average Gen Zer's burden of approximately $20,000 in debt, the aspiration for homeownership remains widespread. This presents an opportunity for industry stakeholders to engage and educate these renters, fostering relationships that will position them favorably when the time comes for Gen Z to transition into homeownership.

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