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Keep your license active, save thousands of dollars annually, work your database, earn commission income

Why go Inactive or let your license Expire?


Ascent Realty Group, LLC is a professional referral real estate brokerage firm designed for offering a very cost-effective Real Estate company for keeping your license active. Because there is no Errors and Omissions insurance, no Board of REALTOR® fees, no monthly office fees and no MLS fees, hundreds no monthly fees are shaved off the top. These fees add up to thousands annually. We provide world class service, transaction management systems and communication to you and to all the clients you refer through Ascent Realty Group, LLC.


Fill out our online registration form and we'll follow up by sending you an e-mail containing any documents you need to reactivate or transfer your license to Ascent Realty Group, LLC including:


  • Colorado Application for Change of Status Form
  • Our Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Office Policy Manual
  • Federal and State Tax Forms
  • Systems Manual


Once your license has been transferred to Ascent Realty Group, LLC, you're officially an agent. You'll have the ability to earn a full 35% commission on all of your referrals.


Questions, eMail us here


Register Here Now


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